Thursday, April 23, 2009

Memory of President Hinckley

Do you remember where you were when you heard that President Hinckley had passed on to the next life? I was in choir practice at church. We had just finished practicing President Hinckley’s song My Redeemer Lives for a stake conference performance. My sister Heather texted me right after the closing prayer as we were putting up chairs to ask if I had heard the news yet. He was at the age that everyone knew it wouldn’t be long in spite of his energy and vigor, but it still came as very sad news. My eyes filled with tears and I couldn’t even speak. I handed the phone to my husband so he could read it. Since he’s the Bishop, he asked everyone to be quiet and told them the news. Many people started crying. We then had a prayer to thank Heavenly Father for the long time we all had with our dear prophet and for a new prophet on the earth. We went home and told our children. Elisa took it the hardest, lying on the couch crying for a couple of hours.

The next day, I asked them to draw a picture of President Hinckley while they remember him so well. The other day I came across Alex’s drawing. I don’t know why the girls’ drawings weren’t with it. Hopefully I’ll find them soon too. This is Alex’s drawing, which I think gives a unique perspective and one that helps us see him even without his face.

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  1. I So love President Hinckley!
    We were at home and our Home Teachers called and told us.


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