Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Nice End to My Busy Day

My schedule is so crazy this week and next week that I have had to make choices about what I can do and what I need to give up in order to do something else. Tonight Elisa and Alex both had meetings at church while Robin, Sabrina and I went to a young man’s (now a missionary) setting apart because he’s going into the MTC tomorrow. Then I had to run to pick up Alex and Elisa and drop the 3 kids off at home so I could go to another meeting. It was the stake presidency’s meeting with the Bishops’ wives. I don’t know if all stakes do this, but ours does it every year. My stake presidency is so awesome that I hate to miss an opportunity to hear from them. Tonight was especially special because we all talked about our feelings for the Savior. Even the guys were in tears. They always give us a magnificent book and this year was no exception. I am so excited to have this book-- Awake, Arise, and Come Unto Christ: Talks from the 2008 BYU Women's Conference-- and get to read it!! I heard a few of them at Women’s Conference and on the computer since then, but it’s great to have all of them that are here together. A great treat for me. I’m sure I’ll be sharing things I read here on my blog with all of you.

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  1. I haven't read the book yet (nor did I attend the conference) but it is sitting on my nightstand to read after I finish Sheri Dew's books. I do have satellite and get BYU-TV, but it seems as if they never show the most recent BYU women's conferences. One of these years I hope to actually get to go to conference!!!! But Time Out for Women is the closest I've ever gotten. Yet.


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