Sunday, April 5, 2009

Off to Mexico City...No, Not Me

One of the many blessings that we receive because Robin is a bishop is that we get to attend when the missionaries from our ward are set apart by the stake president. We’ve had several leave, but this weekend our ward’s first couple missionaries were set apart. The first time I saw a missionary get set apart was when my younger brother went on his mission. Since Robin is invited to the ones in our ward, my children and I get to tag along. I have been so grateful that my son is able to see the example of many young men leaving to serve, sacrificing time and money to share the joy of the gospel with others. I’m glad that he has had the opportunity to see what will happen in that short meeting. But yesterday, with the couple being set apart, I focused on what it will be like when I leave on a mission in the future, not just when my son leaves. I’m so glad to have the special example of the Gomez couple going to the Mexico City temple to serve. I know that as we write while they are away, I will continue to learn from them. I think it is a difficult thing to leave your children and grandchildren and go so far away and to pay to do it, but I know that the things I do now can help prepare me to be ready for that one day or can distract me from that possibility. Our prayers follow Brother and Sister Gomez to their new home.


  1. I know of a missionary couple who are serving in the Temple there also. The Shurtz. They have written and said that the temple is extremely busy and that there are days where bus loads come at a time. How wonderful!

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  3. It is a really neat thing to be a part of.
    When our son went on his mission I was, of course, a crying mom mess but it was because it was so spiritual!
    That is nice that you not only have the opportunity to attend but that you take that opportunity with your children.


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