Friday, January 8, 2010

Let's Celebrate Our Inspirations

"Inspiration is inspiration, whether the end result is a painted masterpiece, a soul-searching sonnet, a richly coloured home-made quilt or a batch of freshly baked rock buns. We shouldn't diminish our creativity by despising the results of our inspiration, but instead celebrate and exploit the wonderful feeling of elevated energy and enthusiasm we experience when we feel inspired. That quickening of the senses and the heightening of the imagination are, I'm sure, just the same for the Matisses and Wrens and Brownings as they are for the rest of us. It's just that they can do different things with their inspired talents."
Jane Brocket, The Gentle Art of Domesticity, p. 16
I haven't read this book, but I've seen this quote a few different places. I appreciate its message and its eloquence and I thought I'd share it with all of you. I have no idea what rock buns are, but I love the idea that my simple, imperfect creations can be called inspirations! So I was thinking today, what are a few of my recent masterpieces? Not surprisingly if you read my blog, I put a lot of thought and passion into food. I love when I am able to make someone happy with it, as far from gourmet as it is.

Another thing I used my creativity to create is our home. A few years ago, we were blessed to be able to have our home built. I put different ideas together and designed the home we now live in. I didn't built any of it, but my ideas went into it. Every time I decorate or re-arrange a room, I feel it's creative inspiration. It gives me joy.

Here is a project I need to finish! I'm just waiting on my inspiration. It's my small, very boring mudroom/laundry room. The only thing I've done in here is put up those hooks, which would normally have coats and backpacks on them, but my children are at school right now. Sabrina's inspiration was putting her big magnet on the washer. Hehe I want a great color on the wall and maybe some vinyl lettering. But I don't want to buy one pre-made because I prefer to have uniqueness (is that a word). No inspiration yet. I want to figure out what kind of decorations will brighten it up and still be my style. So I'm waiting on that inspiration!!!

Ultimately, in this stage of my life, most of my inspiration takes the form of teaching and showing my love for these three crazy kids who I love so much. So next time I make a craft with them, tell them one of my strange stories or even just color with them, I'll have to remember that it's me using my unique "talents" and creativity. Who could ask for a better masterpiece than them?
I'd love to know---What are your recent inspirations and creative masterpieces?


  1. I think you can go a little wild and crazy in decorating a laundry room. What great cupboard space you have! I say go for it, have fun!!

    I've been doing lots of de-cluttering lately. Then I'm hoping I will get some decorating inspiration. I always get the desire for change in January.

  2. Beautiful laundry room. How exciting to build your own home. I'm sure it is beautiful - just looking at your laundry/mud room. I love your recipes... you are a very talented woman and great mother.
    Lately my inspiration has to be Christmas decorating, Love Note gifts, Primary Binders...
    While I was home for Thanksgiving going through my nieces home... she had lots of vinyl on her walls. I want vinyl on my walls - just waiting for the inspiration too.

  3. You did better than me. My laundry room is downstairs in the basement and it's a decent size and I can't even get the hubby to finish put up dry wall on one of the walls. How terrible is that? I need to be inspired. You just need to finish your thought for the laundry room = )

    Right now, I need to find a creative way to weasel my way out of shoveling the front porch. There is so much snow that blew off the roof tops and everyone is avoiding it like the plague including me.


  4. I love quotes and thoughts. You could visit sites online. There are a lot of great thoughts. If you have an idea of a direction, it makes the search a little easier. I am in the process of putting in a mudroom off the front porch. Wish it was a laundry too! My favorite quote for a mudroom is, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain". And than on a different wall, "I hope you dance". Have a wonderful day!

  5. I have 2 bedrooms (my boys) who are waiting for me to find some creativity and inspiration! Sometimes for me it is just a matter of time and energy.
    I love the laundry room - I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  6. Your three kids are indeed an inspiration. I love them so much. I have no ideas for your laundry room, by the way.

  7. I think I have never actually seen that room. I've seen the rest of your house, of course.

    If I ever get to build a house, I want a dog room. A room off the back of the house that has access to both the house and the yard but can be shut off when we want it to be (from either the house or the yard) that is heated and cooled and has access to the backyard (doogy door in a human door), is big enough for four kennels, an old couch and still has room enough to play and train and has a bathing station. Our neighbors in Wanship had a room that they used as a dog room but it was just a regular room. That's where my idea started.

  8. I know you can do great things with that room. I love vinyl clings too.

    I actually own that book. The write is english and I used to follow her blog (she's no longer writing it). My friend that lives in Manchester sent it to me when it came out. Love It!


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