Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Reward for Your Time

Guess what I found while going through my cookbooks recently? I found out that I still have two copies of this book. I was given both of them as gifts and meant to pass on one of them a while ago, but forgot all about it. So I thought it'd be fun to pass it on to someone here.
And I thought I'd throw in a few other things just for fun! Thanks for coming to my blog and reading about my family, looking at the recipes, and listening to my rambling random thoughts! When I started this blog, I didn't know if anyone would ever visit. I'm so glad to have visitors with so many wonderful blogs you have to choose from and so little time in the day and I'm happy that I've made friends through my blog so I'd like to show my appreciation.
Here's the little package of fun. There's a silly pair of socks to put you in the mood for Valentine's day.
And a copy of a cookbook I put together years ago. It's just a regular ward or community-type cookbook with no photos. But I still like many of the recipes and I use mine pretty often. You'll even find that some of my recipes on my blog, I have in this cookbook. I put it together to help raise money for my parents-in-law to build a cement block home. When Robin and I were married, they still lived in the house Robin's father made out of sugar cane stalks many, many years before. It was literally falling down around them. And despite the fact that we were better off than that, we didn't have money to build a home. I did sell lots of copies and we were able to put in some of our own money and got to build them the house made of blocks that they had been dreaming of. My father-in-law died just a month or two after it was completed. We were so glad he was able to live in it before he died. I do have some extra copies so I'm including one here!!

These are just simple IKEA utensils, but I love them. A friend gave me some with Christmas goodies and I use them all the time. You can even forget them in a hot pot and they won't melt...Not that I would do that! And if your name isn't drawn, drop by IKEA and pick up your own for only 79 cents for the set. Awesome price, don't ya' think?

Plus I'm throwing in a treat. If I pick your name, you can choose between Mint Meringues (with or without chocolate chips), Buckeyes, or Chocolate Billionaires.

So, if you'd like to throw your name into the hat, just leave me a comment with one of your favorite games to play with friends (board game or ice breaker type or anything). If you were already a follower by January 29th, you automatically get an extra entry when commenting. (I don't want anyone to become a follower just for a silly package.) Anyone who comments here will also get an extra entry if you commented on any of my posts in January, but please tell me you did in your entry. Easy, huh? I'll close this on Thursday, February 4th at noon so I can post the winner later that day and I'll email the winner or comment on their blog.

And stay tuned for more fun!!! I wanted to have two packages to choose from, but my plans hit a few bumps. I think it'll be ready next week and it'll be different from this one with a GREAT prize.


  1. I don't cook by recipe but i get the idea of what goes well with what after years of winging it and double checking with a cookbook. we don't have a Ward cookbook. Oh heck, we barely have a ward anything now that I think about it, but I remember back in my home wards of the Los Angeles areas, we always had ward cook books and because we were so mixed, there were recipes from all over the place. How else would you explain my shopping for queso fresco, chorizo, lemon grass, bok choy, various Goya items and Asian noodles like they were everyday items you should keep in a Samoan and Black household? hahaha. Thanks for the cooking and life tips Valerie!


  2. I already have that cookbook, but the buckeyes look so good I'm entering anyway!!

  3. OH - we've recently discovered the game Bananagrams and are loving it.

  4. What a fun package to put together. We play Sorry a lot as a family, but more recently we've been playing games we've printed from the internet, like "Body-opoly" and "Journey to Bethlehem" - because both my 7-year old and 3-year old can play them.

    I'm sure I've commented on at least one of your blog posts in January - and I have your blog in my Google reader.

  5. Sounds fun!
    Our current favorite game is Skip-Bo. My youngest also really likes a game called Doodle Dice...and Yahtzee is a long time family favorite.
    I've commented a few times. :)
    Love your recipes and all the wonderful goodness you share with us!

  6. How fun! This looks like a fun giveaway! To answer your question, my favorite game to play with friends was "Clue Charades". You send one person out of the room, then between the rest left in the room, you think of a Person, Place, and Thing. The person comes back in, selects someone (anyone) to act out any of the three. Then someone else for another. THen, you guessed it, a 3rd person for the final. It's fun to see their personalities show through in the acting out. (they're not able to say anything- just like charades!) :)

  7. Our family loved banana grams and disney scene it! The goodies look amazing and I just might have to go to Ikea! I love your blog and have made several comments. Thanks for everything you do Valerie!

  8. I love it all! Every single item! How fun!!! And I love your blog. I'm so glad you started to visit me and leave comments.
    My family loves to play Chicken Feet. Its a domino game. Simple and silly, but with the right people, its a blast!!
    I follow you and I'm pretty sure I've commented this month! Keeping my fingers crossed!! Because I need more cookbooks and chocolate!!

  9. You always have the funnest stuff on your blog! I miss you tons, and hope all is going well with you guys! I love Curses, mostly because we played it with you and it was so funny. Pablo and I play Quirkle together sometimes when Harrison goes to bed. It's a low key fun game. I also really like Balderdash. I'll have to take a look in my closet and let you know what else we've played!

  10. I am addicted to recipes and recipe books lately. This is my type of give away!

    My favorite games are Phase 10 and Life "twists and turns". (you probably already know that from my blog). It's the games we usually play. Oh and Apples to Apples.

    The goodies look divine too!

  11. Hey Valerie!
    I know I posted on your blog in January, whoohoo! Hey, I dont know if I am officially on your blog follower list, but I follow your blog, so I am a follower at heart! But I will still go remedy that right now....
    My favorite party games (cant pick just one) are wise and otherwise, beyond balderdash, and taboo! That makes me want to have a board game party.
    ciao for now!

  12. That's a terrific story about your in-laws and their home.

    Btw, I like how you set up the giveaway rules. I feel the same way. I want "followers" and readers (blogging friends) but not if I have to bribe them with free stuff or because I commented on their blog.


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