Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sabrina and Her Questions

In November, Elisa had to have four of her perfectly good adult teeth pulled out. It was so sad! But her mouth is too little for all those teeth so some of them had no room to come down at all. So these were pulled and with the help of her braces hopefully she'll have great, straight teeth. Don't these look ugly though? Nothing like the little baby teeth that fall out when they're ready with no long, fat roots attached. (At least you can't tell how bloody they actually are in this picture.)

Sabrina loves to write. She writes letters, stories and writes just to write. She absolutely loves to write long letters to the Tooth Fairy and Santa and everyone else. So when Elisa had her four teeth to put under her pillow, Sabrina decided to take advantage of the opportunity and write another letter to the Tooth Fairy and stick it with Elisa's teeth.
Dear Tooth Fairy,
I have so many questions I might not get to ask all of them, but here is one. What is your real name? Are you married? Do you know when I'm going to lose a tooth? Do you have a pet? How many teeth do you have? How old are you? Have you been seen? Is your job hard? Do you get scared? Are you big or little? How do you get in? Do you get scared? Do you have parents?

The Tooth Fairy wrote her a note back (not at all blog-worthy in its creativity--I'm sure she was busy and tired with so many homes to visit) and answered her tricky questions so Sabrina was happy.

Then in December she wrote a note to Santa and to the elves. I will tell you in another post what happened with that--not so happy.


  1. Oh too cute!!!
    Sorry about her teeth though. Eek! No fun!

  2. oh no fun about her teeth.
    Val thanks for stopping by and giving me some great ideas! I will surely take your advice :) Happy New Year to you too!!!

  3. Ouch, so sorry about her beautiful teeth.
    That is a darling letter.
    Cute blog, glad I found it!
    The fudge looks divine....too bad I'm already on the New Year's resolutions.....hmmmm, I'll bookmark this so I can turn to it in my moment of weakness.

  4. I hope the tooth fairy is good to her with all of those teeth! :(

    My Tenney writes alot too. She is always asking questions.. and very curious. :)

  5. lol..cute letter. She spells really well...but then I guess she is in 2nd grade, right? I still think of her as a kindergartener...she will always be young in my mind.

  6. Actually, Tiffany, she's in 1st grade this year so is still kinda young. :) And I don't know if you could see the actual words on her letter. I forgot to say that I changed all the spelling to the correct spelling (how un-fun of me!) when I typed it so it would be easier to understand. But I'm sure the Tooth Fairy got it right.

  7. How very cute! And how great of the Fairy to answer her letter. My daughter has a fairy in our backyard, and she leaves her all kinds of presents and letters. I've had to explain to her that fairy houses are very tiny, so she's toned it down a bit with the presents. The Fairy also let my daughter know that she can't come out in the winter, which is GREAT for me, the messenger :-)

  8. Aww so cute!

    Your cinnamon fudge looks delicious.


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