Saturday, January 9, 2010


Llampingachos are Ecuadorian potato cakes filled with cheese and are sooo good. The Andes mountains are a great place to grow potatoes, so they are plentiful in Ecuador and there are many dishes that use them there. I got this recipe from my friend Kathryn who got it from her husband (now ex) from Ecuador. My sister-in-law made some when she visited us and she used chopped ham in addition to the cheese. That was yummy too.
You could use mozzarella, but I always use one of the Mexican cheeses mentioned in the recipe. They are available at most grocery stores either in the cheese area or near the cream cheese (that's where I found it at Walmart). Warm, melty, stringy cheese! Yummmmm!
You can eat these plain or top them with a simple tomato, onion, cilantro, lemon juice salad, a traditional Ecuadorian peanut sauce (Robin doesn't like it so I don't know how to make it), or Robin's favorite way-topped with a fried egg.
6 potatoes, boiled and mashed
1 egg, beaten by hand
1-2 t. salt
2-3 t. achiote oil or canola oil
1/4 lb. white Mexican cheese (rancero, fresco, casero...), crumbled
1 green onion, very finely chopped
Mix potatoes, egg and salt. Add oil to potato mixture. Place a small amount of potato mixture in palm of hand and press it into a bowl shape. Put cheese and green onion in center. Cover with more potato and press close. In large frying pan, pour very small amount of canola oil in pan. if you use too much oil, the potato cakes will crumble and the delicious cripsy layer will come off of potato cakes. Fry potato cakes on low heat until lightly browned and slightly crispy on each side.


  1. Oh heck, Valerie! These look great! I'm bookmarking this recipe!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! These pancakes look amazing. I'm a huge potato fan (Idaho native :)) and I love Mexican cheeses! Thanks for posting this!

  3. I am trying to cook new things using recipes this year. this looks simple enough and I have Queso available at most any given time in my fridge. It's a favorite staple in our island home = )


  4. We are going to try these tomorrow for breakfast! They look good!!!

  5. Looks similar to hash browns, which I think would taste really good with either and egg or with bacon, and the tomato, cilantro topping seems like it would really be good too.

  6. Makes me think of something I had in NYC recently only those were made with corn and cheese (can't remember what they were called). These look amazing and I hope to try then soon!!!

  7. Those look so good. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow...these look delicious! Browsing through your blog, I see tons of yummy looking stuff. I'm going to have to visit here more often :o) So glad you came to visit and left me a comment so I could find all of these wonderful recipes!


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