Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lunch with Melanie

Today was a really fun day. I was so excited! I had lunch with Melanie, who I have "known" for quite a while now, but have never met. We had been on the same email group and then she visited my blog from the blog list there. And she commented and I visited her blog (now private) and we got to know each other a little bit. When she recently mentioned she was coming out to Utah from California, I thought it would be fun to actually meet her. She was nice enough to take time during her vacation to have lunch with me. She is as bubbly and kind as she looks!
While we were planning our meeting, Melanie asked me what was a good restaurant for lunch. She was staying in American Fork so I wanted to choose something close to her, but didn't know many restaurants there. Then I thought of Cafe Zupas. I have heard great things about it and have wanted to try it, but just hadn't yet. So that's where we went. We were sure glad we did. Besides the fun conversation and getting to meet Melanie's four children and her friend Courtney who was soooo nice to travel out here with her (our husbands were working), we enjoyed some really yummy food. I will definitely be going back---again and again! It's great that all their food looked just like the photos on their website.
Melanie orded the Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup with a sandwich, but I was so concentrated on the conversation, that I didn't even notice which sandwich.
Courtney had the Summer Chicken Salad, which I want to try sometime soon.

I had the Nuts About Berries Salad. Lo-o-oved it! Half salads are big.
But I also had the Milano panini--Ham, Tomatoes, Muenster Cheese, and Pesto Spread (perfect amount of pesto). And each order comes with a chocolate covered strawberry. Since I ordered so much, I got to take some home to enjoy tomorrow for lunch.

The desserts look absolutely amazing! I didn't get any, but am planning on going just for desserts some time. I am drooling over the Caramel Rockslide Brownie, but they have several cheesecakes that are tempting too.

But back to Melanie! I got to hear the story of how she met her husband and how he proposed and some other fun things, but time passed quickly. Luckily she'll be coming out to Utah again some time and we'll get together again!
This is Melanie's baby. Isn't she so adorable with that bright flower? And her three boys remind me of little knights who protect their little princess sister. They were so polite and waited while we talked and visited, even though they were excited to go to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden after we were finished. Not once did they say, "Let's go" (like my kids probably would have).
I hope you get home safely, Melanie and come back again!


  1. Meeting a friend is so fun! Cute pictures, cute Melanie, cute Valerie.

  2. Meeting blogging/email friends = SO FUN!! Zuppa's looks like a place I need to try out one of these days. The cauliflower soup looks WAY yummy!

    I wish you were going to be in town when I visit (Ann told me) but I know it is a Holiday - For sure next time!!

  3. Yay for blogging meets!

    I love Zupas too! We have a few by my house.. and I have tried most of their salads.. and they are all yummy!

    Hope your having a good day! :)

  4. Nothing like going to lunch with a friend. I'm going tomorrow. I hope our lunch looks even half as good as yours does.


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