Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scriptures for Kids

While I was searching for some primary (children's group in the LDS church) information online, I came across a new site that I think is great. It is Angela Robert's site called Scriptures for Kids. It's still in Beta so it's not complete, but you can get on right now. They have scripture stories with pictures that children can read on their own. There are 4 different levels for each page so that children of different levels can all read it. They even have a button to click on to hear the text read to you. (Sounds great for kids learning to read or even for adults learning English.) On each page there is also a question you can click on that will help you apply the story to your own life. Right now they have the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants up and they are working on the Bible stories.

They also have a game available now and will release 30 new games expected in the summer. And just because you readers are so special, Angela sent me some a peek of some of the games that I included below. (Okay, she sent them because she's so nice, but you're still special to me!)

There are also FHE ideas and coloring sheets!
Of course, this won't replace reading our scriptures, but it will help the stories stick in their heads. Children love just about anything on the computer so it'll be great to have them spending time learning gospel stories and thinking about the least some times. My younger children (even my 14 year old) thought it was fun and kept clicking to listen to the story narrations while we were cutting sugar cookies.
Isn't it so nice that it's free??? Be sure to check out the donate page if you would like to help cover some of the costs or the volunteer page if you'd like to help translate text into different language. They have people helping with German, Spanish and Romanian right now. That'll be fun too!
So pop on over and check it out and then become a fan on Facebook at Scriptures for Kids to get updates. The site has only been up for a month and they already have 2,576 fans on their Facebook page and have had 3000 visitors on their site from 61 countries.


  1. Love it. I am going to show my kids tomorrow after school. What a fun place for them to learn.

  2. I love the things we can find on the internet that helps us learn. Especially when it's learning spiritually. Thanks for letting us know.

  3. This site looks great. I'm going to have to remember it for when my little guy grows a little bigger.

  4. What a great idea! My kids are a bit old for it but I am for sure shareing the sight with friends.


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