Monday, March 1, 2010

Utah Local: Roweley's South Ridge Farms

Rowley's South Ridge Farms (also known as the Big Red Barn) is on the south ridge of Utah Valley, in Santaquin. You can see it from the freeway. They have fresh fruit, fruit pies, delicious chocolate covered treats (cherries, almonds, sunflower seeds), syrups, jams and (as they boast on their website) the world's best ice cream.
I went once with Elisa when she was in third grade (I think it was). It was a school field trip to their pumpkin patch and apple orchard. I cannot believe it has taken me so long to go back! I decided I'd take the kids after school one day last week. Sabrina's friend invited her to play and Sabrina said she'd rather play than go with us since she doesn't like ice cream anyway.
As well as the food, they also have some gifts and home decor.
And they sell fudge, donuts and cookies, soda, fruit shakes and cider slush. You can even have the cider slush a la mode.
After looking around, we decided to get a chocolate covered cherries and almond mix for a friend and ice cream for us. They have it available in quart-sized containers (I think that's the size), soft serve or scooped. We decided to get scooped ice cream.

Elisa ordered the medium (2-scoop) Oreo fudge on a cone (they have cake cones or big waffle cones).
Alex ordered a medium peanut butter in a cup. It has little peanut butter cups in it (like the ones they sell at Trader Joe's that I've only seen online).
I got the blue mint because I like to try unusual (but nothing too exotic) new things. It is mint flavored ice cream with chunks of Oreos and white chocolate. It was pretty good from what I could taste. Unfortunately I had a cold and couldn't taste the mint much, but Alex and Elisa tasted it and said they could taste it...and they liked it. I couldn't believe this was the small. It's pretty big to me!
Both Alex and Elisa want to go back to try another flavor some time soon. And I will get Sabrina some apple slush since she loves apple juice!
Rowley's South Ridge Farms
300 West 900 South, Santaquin, UT, 84655
Mon - Sat: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


  1. We are coming to Utah next month and will have to take the girls here. It looks like a place they would love! (especially the ice cream part!)

  2. I never knew that place was so cool! I like it. I'll have to go there someday!

  3. Thank you for posting all the fun photos. I've driven by for years and years and wanted to stop! Now I'll be super inspired by the looks of that ice cream!


  4. Great review of the Big Red Barn! I have lived in this area for 8 years and I have never been there! Sounds like I need to take a field trip!

  5. We love this place! Their produce is awesome (apples are our fave). And, you can't leave without the fantastic ice cream.

  6. We love this place! When we lived in Spanish Fork, we used to go all of the time. We still make trips all the way out there whenever we get a chance...awesome ice cream!


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