Monday, March 29, 2010

We All Talk to Ourselves. What Do You Say?

What is your self-talk like? Do you congratulate yourself for doing something great? Do you compliment yourself on the color of your eyes or friendly smile? Or do you spend more time thinking about your flaws, whether physical or otherwise? I know that I do not give myself enough silent compliments—or even out loud so my children can hear that it is GOOD to give praise to yourself. I’ve been remembering a dance I saw before (almost a year ago), which I mentioned on this post.

I found this video, Flawz by Caitlin Crosby, which has a great message. When I saw first saw it and then saw a photo of the singer, my first thought was, “Of course, it’s easy for Caitlin to sing about since she is a thin, gorgeous singer with obvious talents.” But I after a minute, I thought that maybe the reason she did sing it, is because she knows how it feels to concentrate on negative things and even be blinded by those and not see the positives.

Then I popped over to Rambling Rachy's blog where she is starting a challenge to share our compliments on her blog. Great idea, huh? Not only does it give us a reason to THINK great things about us, we get to write them down and share them. She is looking for people to participate in the fun and inspiring challenge, so check it out!

What is something about you that is unique and makes you “YOU”? I wanna know.


  1. Yes.. I talk to myself.. and it's funny that LONG ago I found I was a better person if I gave out 5 SINCERE compliments a day. Funny yet sad that I would NEVER compliment myself.
    Good food for thought.

    What is unique about me?
    I try to be none judgemental because I have been through so much in my life....

  2. Whenever I get into doing something, like drawing or crafting, I talk to myself A LOT! My husband likes to make fun of me when I do that. =)
    Oh dear, let's see... this isn't as easy as it first sounded!
    Umm... I... I don't like to make fun of people. I really don't. And I hate it when other people talk down about others. Drives me crazy!

  3. I talk to myself all the time, under my breath. I didn't even realize that I did it until one day in the car my son said "Mom what are you saying" and then I realized...Kind of like coming out of a dream and still speaking. It was weird. No I catch myself doing it from time to time - usually it is when I am trying to work something out.

    Something that makes is that I am a good listener to a fault. People have always come to me with their problems because they know I will lend my ear and they can say anything and everything and it will go no further.

  4. I wonder where the video went. I would love to watch it.


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