Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Red or White?

Sabrina and I went to an antique store so I can look for something unique for the house. Well, I didn’t find anything, at least in my price range, but Sabrina did. She bought this Cabbage Patch Kids high chair. Antique???? They aren’t that old! I know they’re considered collectibles, but it’s kind of depressing to see old metal lunch boxes and thermoses like I used to use and the fun little people school and everything I used to have in an antique store.

Sabrina loves this high chair, but thinks the color is boring. She wants to paint it red. Maybe that will be her next project to do while I finally paint the half bathroom downstairs.


  1. Hi Valerie, It was so cool to get a comment from you. I have run into your kids from time to time and can't believe how grown up they are as well. I sure hope your family is doing well and are happy.

  2. Sabrina is so silly! Did she get to paint her high chair yet?


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