Sunday, March 1, 2009

“Surviving on a Thin Stream"

“Twice in recent years accounts have appeared in newspapers of communities suffering from insufficient water supplies and pressure, who have undertaken costly studies and planned extensive improvements only to discover by chance that the main valve of the water system in the towns was only partially open. They had been surviving on a thin stream and weak force when they cold have at any time enjoyed vastly enhanced power simply by turning on the valve.
Prayer is like that. Deep wellsprings of living water are available and accessible to us, a limitless source of spiritual sustenance, of guidance and comfort and divine love.”
Elder Marion D. Hanks, Preparation for Prayer

I’ve been thinking about my spiritual valves. How open do I have them? I know that at the moment, they are more open than at other times in my life when I didn’t even realize that I was “surviving on a thin stream”. I wonder how it would feel to be 100% open. What do I need to get there? Well, I may never make it during this life, but I hope I will always be getting closer and not further away. I know that as I try to keep the commandments and I act on the knowledge I have been given, I am mercifully blessed with more knowledge and more of the Holy Ghost in my life. I am also blessed with a stronger desire to follow Christ and it becomes easier for me to leave behind some of the things of the “natural man”.

This analogy of the water valve reminds me of the picture of Jesus Christ standing at the door with the doorknob only on our side. In both, it is up to us to open the valve to receive more “spiritual sustenance” or to open the door to receive Christ’s love and mercy. Heavenly Father loves us so much, but He doesn’t force anything on us that we aren’t willing to receive.

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  1. Great and thought provoking analogy. Thanks for your welcome over at MMM, I appreciate the support and look forward to getting to know you better! :)


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