Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Help for an Empty Wall

One of the things that makes me happy is having anything new for the house. But this time it's not just something little, it's a big, beautiful 16x20-inch photo of the Salt Lake Temple. It's made to look antiqued like many popular ones you see in Deseret Book and all over for a lot more money. I bought it from the photographer Ryan Harper on his blog and you can buy one too! He sells the 8x10 for only $22. Great price, huh? The one I have is $38. He also sells them on canvas if you ask him about it. I'm sure those are so gorgeous! You buy just the photograph and it took 5 days to arrive at my house. Then I bought a frame. I saw that Michael's was having a sale and I found a frame that was 50% off so I only paid $16 for it. So for $54 I have this large, special photo.

When I saw it in person, I knew that I wanted to put it in my entry so many people could see and enjoy it and we will pass it often throughout the day. My entry was really bare before, but it looks better now.

I don't know if you can see in my photo, but the frame is dark with small patches of a metallic color on it so I think it looks great with the photo. Robin hasn't seen it framed and hung yet so I'm waiting to hear what he says.


  1. I love it! It looks great in your entry hall!
    I have a large picture of the Oakland Temple in my entry and I love it. It is the Temple we were married in but it is so nice to see when you come into the house. It brings such a great spirit!
    Good job on getting a large picture for a great price!!

  2. It's gorgeous! What a great deal, too!!

  3. I love those Temple pictures! ~ Anything Antiqued right?? ha-ha..

    I have seen them all over here.. and they are always pricy! I'm grateful for the info on where I can find them cheaper! Woot!! Thanks!

  4. Oooh I love it. SLC is my temple... endowment / marriage (100 anniversary April 6).. Any whoooo... My picture is 16x20 too - but I purchased them from LDS.org and have a picture for every season that I change out in my frame. I think this sounds like a new change coming on.. I love the antique look of the picture. Beautiful! Thanks for the link!

  5. Great price! I have always wanted one of those but never could afford it. I think I have something for my Christmas list now. :o)

  6. I must live in the Midwest because I have never seen the antique looking temple pictures before, but i think I'm in love. You did a great job framing it. What a great place to hang it, right by the door where it will be seen every day.


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