Monday, November 23, 2009

Sharla's Cute Car Cozy

Look what I got from Sharla at My Little Gems! She makes these soft, portable car cozies. Your child can store one little car in each of the 6 pockets and then pull them out and drive them on the built-in road. My son Alex has a big collection of Hot Wheels, but I have no idea where he has hidden them. Since he's at school, I had to use this bigger car that I did find. So you'd have more room with regular-sized Hot Wheel or Matchbox cars.
Then we he or she is all done, you can fold it all up and your child can carry it around. Isn't it the cutest idea?
Thanks, Sharla! My only son is 13 years old so even though he is keeping his collection, he won't be using this. I'll be giving it to a sweet little boy as a gift. Think he'll like it?
If you'd like one, hurry over to Sharla's blog or her Esty shop. As she says on her blog, she is a stay-at-home mom who only works on these in her free time so she doesn't have a large inventory. So hurry over before they're gone. Or if you are craftier than I am, you can check out her tutorial that she was nice enough to post and you can make your own.

She also has a kit to make this cute magnetic Christmas advent calendar. Fun!


  1. Those are super cute. The car cozy is neat because it would be a great way to store all of those little cars when you go on trips and stuff.

  2. I need one of those cozy things...but it needs to hold like 100 cards.


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