Friday, November 20, 2009

If You Live in Utah, Get in Your Car Now!

Seriously! And if you don't live in Utah (or you are reading this too late), you are still in luck, so read on. See this country club? Looks like a normal building, right? You wouldn't believe what is inside!
Take a look at Tom and Lucy's Art Shoppe. But hurry over because the last day it'll be open is tomorrow, November 21st so get over there now! But if you can't get there, almost all the fabulous designers and artists sell their products online. If you go to the blog, they have all the links.
I know it's hard to see what anything is, but trust me, you want it. If you're like me, you want it all!!!

You can tell I'm not a photographer. I didn't even realize I was taking a pic of this lady right behind the wire manaquin for a silly effect.

I have been to a few boutiques lately didn't buy anything. Nothing! I was a little disappointed each time. But when I saw the blog for this one, I knew I HAD to go. Some of the things on my wish list were there.
Like these sweet pecan rolls from Fahrenheit 350° which I have seen online everywhere and have wanted to try for so long. So I bought two. What? The pecan rolls have pecans?? My children are allergic to pecans so they can't eat them. I guess I'll have to sacrifice and eat it all by myself! Bwahaha They are so amazingly good and I wish I bought more! She has other treats, like these she made perfect for Twilight-- Blood Red Caramel Apple Pecan Log and Forbidden Fruit: Caramel Apples.
Like Ritzy Misfit's neckalaces, which I have blogged about before--and now I own!!! I bought one for me and one for my friend Stacie (who never reads my blog so I'm safe). And another one that I have wanted for a while and I bought there is from Home Studio. I love lots of the scrabble tile pendants there.

The pretty "Together is the best place to be" plaque is from Elle Design Cottage and the really pretty frame, which is perfect because I wanted more frames and more color, is from Made Lovely. I wish I could tell you about each vendor, but just check out the blog for all the links so you don't miss anything.
There were two nice ladies at the front of the boutique at the checkout. I asked them a couple of questions, like if I could take photos of it for my blog. One of them asked me what my blog was. I told her and she said, "Oh, I've heard of that." What? My little blog? Guess what. It turns out that these two nice ladies have blogs of their own that I've been to! One of them was Kitty of Fahrenheit 350°. (Yes, I told her that I had drooled over the food pics on her blog before.) And the other was Marie from Makes and Takes. If you haven't been there, check it out! And if you have been, check out what's new. Tons of crafts, recipes and a lot more! Unfortunately, I didn't think to snap of photo of these lovely ladies, but it's so fun to meet people after you've visited their blog.
As if this post wasn't long enough...The art shoppe was very close to my friend awesome Sherami's house so I decided to drop by and see if by chance she was at home. To my surprise, she, her husband and their little boy were all home so I got to visit for a while. It totally made my day just to sit and chat. But I did have the thought when I was leaving that if I would have thought to call her to see if she could go with me to Tom & Lucy's, it would have been even more fun. (I did invite my sister-in-law, but she had to work and my sisters had to work or live out of state.) So grab a friend and head over. Okay, end of the commercial.


  1. Shoot, I may have to swing by there tomorrow! Look at all that lovely stuff!
    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Wow! Looks like a lot of great, unique items.

  3. Why didn't I see this yesterday??
    You are in Utah?? Wow.. for some reason I thought you lived in Idaho! he-he

    Lovely things.. and way fun!! Wish I was there!

  4. OOohhh right up my alley! Beautiful stuff!! I wish I could have gone :D


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