Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Than a Little Late!

I know that it seems like I don't have much to post lately, but really I have so much to say! I just have been busy and unable to sit and think to formulate posts. I apologize to all of you, my wonderful readers, for posting this after Halloween. I meant to do this more than a month ago, but kept forgetting. I wanted you to be able to use these for your Halloween decorations if you wanted to. But you can still file it away or make them now and have them ready for next year.

I found something so easy that even I could do. Yep, craft-challenged me. See?
I found these totally awesome labels from Love Manor's Potion Labels. Check out their cool blog Love Manor too. Very spooky stuff. You can just print out the labels on white paper, then Mod Podge it on or use Craft Bond Spray Adhesive. Simple!

Here are a few things that I did, but I'm sure you can figure out some great stuff all on your own with these fun labels.
For the Swamp Fog, I used an olive oil bottle when I was done with the oil. I rinsed it out with a little water (no detergent) and poured out almost all of the water. The water stays on the oils all over the inside of the bottle. It doesn't really look like fog, but it's not too bad. The Life Renewal Potion bottle was lotion from Bath and Body Works. Pretty color, huh?
I know this is too late for Halloween, but you can use some of these for your New Moon party. I stuck some Halloween spiderweb decoration in the Werewolf bottle. But I'll be on the look out for a stuffed animal at a yard sale or somewhere that has werewolf-looking fur because I'm not happy with it that way. I don't think you can see the "blood" very well in the Vampire Blood bottle, but it's there. I was almost out of Winger's Original Amazing Sauce (a hot wing sauce from a restaurant called Winger's) so I took off the label and put this one on there. I turned it upside down for a while before taking the pics. When I turned it the right way, the sauce slowly oozed down the bottle. Perfect! I didn't get to finish all the bottles. I was going to put twigs in the small Twisted Twigs bottle, dirt in the Moon Dust bottle, and these worms in the Earth Worm bottle (in the back in the top picture- that you can't see very well). Ewwww! I'll try to do all that next year now that I already have the bottles ready and packed in my Halloween storage boxes, along with a few other labels I printed.


  1. Wickedly cool! I'll store this away for next year's trunk or treat decoration for our van.

  2. I need to print out the labels right now and put it in my Halloween file. Now I have a whole year to find really cool bottles - and werewolf hair - maybe Jacob will let us have some.. LOL! Great idea!

  3. Hey Valerie, I am posting one of your recipes tomorrow. I hope I did them justice...

  4. I love all the old looking labels - it really adds to a festive mood!! Very cool looking.

  5. I love the old labels too!
    Hmmm... that Vampires blood would be fun for my New Moon party!


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