Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To Live in the Light

I have been reading “Men of Influence” by Robert L. Millet. I will write a full post with a review on this book when I’ve finished (I’ll tell you already that I love it!), but wanted to share this quote that I’ve been contemplating.

“Here is a little secret that I believe too many who have been called to labor in the kingdom have not yet learned one of the grand keys to success in this life and eternal reward in the life to come is to cultivate the gift and gifts of the Holy Ghost. In this sense, we may be compared to a fish who discovers water last. Sometimes without recognizing it, we are immersed in a dispensation of revelation, surrounded by light and truth and understanding and priesthood power, so immersed that we occasionally become indifferent or desensitized to the magnificent light within our reach.”

When I look back on my life, I can see how that is true for me. I can see how I was sometimes content with resting on my plateau and not really listening fully to the promptings or being willing to reach just a little for more knowledge. I could sit in a wonderful Relief Society class and feel prompted to do something and instead of being amazed that I (little nobody me) was blessed to receive communication from my Heavenly Father, ignored it because it was too hard, too scary or I was too lazy. Maybe even I just didn’t give it the importance it deserved and I forgot about it.

The quote reminds me of a new member who received the Holy Ghost and soon bore his testimony. He talked about how blessed all of us who were baptized as a child are that we never had to wonder what it was like to be without the Spirit. (Of course, we all do things that keep us from feeling the Spirit occasionally.) I want to be less indifferent and more grateful and overjoyed for each bit of revelation that I am blessed with. I want to be the fish who always notices the water surrounding her.


  1. Thanks for sharing. You are so right. I also take the spirit for granite way too much. Sound like a great book. I might just have to read it.

  2. Oooh.. I havent seen this book.. but Robert Millet is wonderful!!

    I like the fish analogy.. Even though I try to be grateful for many things each day... I sometimes can relate to the fish as well..

    Thanks for that inspirational thought today! :)


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