Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fond Memories?

Here is another random thing I wanted to share. On church on Sunday, Sabrina drew this picture of the temple. (For my friends who are not LDS, our temples are special buildings that are even more sacred than our church buildings. We go there to learn and make promises to the Lord for ourselves and to make those promises in behalf of people who have died without having the opportunity to and we believe they have to choice to accept those ordiances or reject them. If you would like to know more, click here.)Then she drew her family inside the temple. She remembered that there is a baptismal font, which she drew above us and wrote "Baptis the dead". Then below us is what she remembers most about temples. The waiting room and the mother's room (you can barely see it on the left of the waiting room). She has had to wait in the waiting room for 3 of my siblings' sealings with other family members---sometimes for a very long time, huh, Sheri and Jon? This just made me smile!

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