Monday, September 7, 2009

I Wasn't Planning on Exercising on Sunday

A few days ago I posted about how much I was looking forward to Sunday. Well, my Sunday didn’t turn out exactly how I had hoped. I woke up the same time as I always do, early enough to make it to the church by 8:30, before our church starts at 9:00. For some reason, several things happened that took more time than usual (ironing Alex’s shirt that morning when it’s usually done before…) and we were ready to get into the car finally at 8:45. Then I couldn’t find the keys. I always put them in the same place, but one of the kids had opened the door the night before and couldn’t remember where they were. We looked around and found them, then jumped into the van.

The van wouldn’t start. I tried again and nothing. So I hurriedly made a few phone calls with no answer. I called Robin, but knew he wouldn’t be answering his phone since he would already be sitting in the chapel. I explained to the kids that we’d have to walk and we’d definitely be late, but maybe someone we knew would see us along the way and give us a ride. We live 2 or 3 miles from the church so it’s do-able, just not what we planned. It was very windy outside and Sabrina kept saying that she thought we should go home because we would surely die out there in the cold. Cold? I don’t know about that. We were less than a mile from church when one of my visiting teachers and her family came up in their car. They couldn’t believe it was us at first, but saw that it really was. Her husband took his family to church while we continued walking and then he came back to take us since there wasn’t enough room in his car for all of us. That was so nice.

It was the first time I’d been late to sacrament meeting in I don’t know how many years and the whole stake presidency was visiting, sitting up front where they could see the Bishop’s wife and family finally walk in AFTER sacrament was passed. I felt bad, but knew it wasn’t my fault. I knew that my car suddenly not starting was not my fault, but I still felt like one of the 5 virgins who ran out of oil. What could I have done to be more prepared? I know that if I had ironed Alex’s shirt (or had him do it) on Saturday, we would have had more time. If I would have set my alarm just a little earlier, I would have been ready earlier. If we were ready earlier, I would have been able to catch someone at home before they left and had a ride to church. Anyway, I hope that doesn’t happen again!

I am the primary secretary and was asked to take over for one of the teachers for a short time while she went into priesthood with her husband who was getting sustained in a new calling. The lesson was on the sacrament. I mentioned how if you look at the cloth covering the bread and water, it looks similar to Jesus when they covered his body with a cloth. The kids were like, “Cool! It does!” That’s always a nice feeling when you teach something that they seem to understand and might even remember. Here is a picture that I found that illustrates the sacrament table symbolism that I found at LDS Why.

That looks like a sacrament table, but look here at the bigger picture and see where it is taken from. (Yes, I know you figured it out just by looking at the picture above!)Then after church, we got to go to my parents' and visit with a lot of the family, including my sister who is visiting from Georgia!!! Next week is stake conference and I am looking forward to that. Our stake presidency is great and I love hearing from them. And Robin and I are going together so if one of the car doesn’t work, we can jump into the other one! Hope your Sunday was great.


  1. Oh my.... what a Sunday morning... Just a little stressful.

    I taught that lesson yesterday and didn't even think about pointing out the cloth that covers the sacrament. That was a great inspired thought. Too bad I didn't think about it. I focused on the "renewing their baptismal covenant" - because I teach CTR 8, thinking about Jesus so that his spirit can be with us.

  2. You have such a cute blog. I love your layout. Sundays can be stressful. Thats a great thought about the sacrament table and the resurrection. Oh and thanks for the comment on everyday mom ideas. It means alot to me when people comment on my blog.

  3. You are so good. I probably would have been more like Sabrina, sad to say. But she made it with some urging from you, right? That's great! You're such a great example to so many of us! I love you tons!

  4. I can't tell you how many times my Sunday mornings sound just like yours...minus the dead car and the long walk though, thank goodness (we live 15 miles from the church!) But the running around, working up a sweat trying to get ready on times, yes, it happens every week, no matter how/we try to prepare the night before. And my hubby is the bishop too, so not there in the a.m. to help. He's been in four years now, long enough that on the rare Sunday mornings that he IS home to help (most recently Father's Day) he is so out of the routine that he's in the way and slows us down! At this point that just cracks me up. It was pretty difficult at first though...thanks for letting me vent a little here...


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