Thursday, September 3, 2009

She Almost Got Away with It

For several years I've had Alex and Elisa make their own lunch to take to school with them. This is Sabrina's first year eating lunch at school, but she seems to have the routine down. I buy a variety of things and they get to choose what they want for a sandwich, wrap, or crackers with ham, etc. Today Elisa "made" her lunch and put it in the bag. She folded the top down and then put it on the couch to go get her school bag. I peeked inside to see what she had and this is what I saw.
If you can't tell, it's cheese puffs and Little Debbie Swiss Rolls--no sandwich, no fruit, no string cheese. When I asked her why she thought she should have a junk food lunch, she said the usual, "I don't know". (Sorry. No pic of the guilty look!) So she made a sandwich and promised me she'd eat it. Now I'm wondering...How often has she gotten away with it and when is the state coming to investigate me for not feeding my children well???

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