Friday, September 4, 2009

Too Tired

You know how when you're too tired silly things seem soooo funny? I had so much fun playing with tonight and was laughing uncontrollably at the photos. Robin and I don't have the same humor and he didn't get why I was laughing so hard. Maybe it's because I was laughing the hardest at his picture. That's okay. I was entertained and the kids want to do more. Here are a few of our masterpieces from tonight. Elisa calls this one "Toliet Bowl Alex". This is a photo of Sabrina from today with a dress-up wig on.

Just me...not so funny, but I had to include one of me.
Robin always wanted to bulk up. Bwahaha!!! I like the top one where he looks like Brain from Pinky and the Brain!!


  1. I'm dying! These are hilarious! Pablo and I have very different senses of humor too. This made me crack up!


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